Wednesday, May 09, 2007

WHAT IF.........

So what would it be like if Al Gore, not George W. Bush, was President? Here are the top 10 differences between a Gore Presidency and a Bush Presidency.

  1. Al Gore would be in charge. On September 11, he would have stopped reading his children's book and flown directly back to the White House - not meandering through Louisiana and Nebraska because his Vice President wanted to keep him away from the meetings where crisis decisions were being made. Al Gore would be calling the shots.
  2. Al Gore would be making important decisions by drawing on a lifetime of foreign policy experience. Al Gore would not need on-the-job training and daily tutorials from his National Security Advisor, in between naps and jogs on the treadmill. Al Gore would also be making wiser decisions. He would not trade off long-term dangers - like turning a blind eye to nuclear proliferation in Pakistan and India, which could lead to a nuclear war - for short-term gains.

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